Whole Foods Market Pasadena Choses PCGC’s Villa-Parke Nutrition Education Program For 5% Community Giving Day



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MAY 19, 2014 –  Whole Foods Market Pasadena will hold a 5% Community Giving Day on Thursday, June 12, to benefit Nutrition Education at the new Villa-Parke Community Garden.

The grocery store, known for natural and organic foods, will donate 5% of all net sales on June 12 to benefit the Nutrition Education program for low-income families sponsored there by the Pasadena Community Gardens Conservancy. The Conservancy is a fund of the Pasadena Community Foundation.

The Whole Foods store is located at 3751 E. Foothill Blvd. at Rosemead and is open from 7am to 10pm.

“We love what you’re doing in the city of Pasadena by establishing community gardens and funding their blooming,” noted Jay Hernandez, Marketing Supervisor of Whole Foods Market Pasadena. “It’s a small, new non-profit, but your goals and vision are huge, which is what drew us to PCGC.”

The Villa-Parke Community Garden, which opened on April 26 at the Villa-Parke Community Center at 363 E. Villa St., is the first of several planned to alleviate obesity and diabetes in Northwest Pasadena’s ‘food desert’ neighborhoods located far from large grocery stores.  Serving a total of 110 families, it’s funded by a unique public-private partnership that includes the City of Pasadena’s Human Services and Recreation Department, L.A. County’s First Five L.A. agency, and the private PCGC at the Pasadena Community Foundation.

The PCGC has pledged $100,000 over five years to underwrite the salaries of a Master Gardener and a certified Nutritionist to teach the families how to grow and cook healthful fruits and vegetables, how to plan menus using them, and how to reduce fats in their diets. Pasadena’s Department of Public Health has published data showing a 30% obesity rate for both Latino and African American residents, compared with less than 18% for white residents and recommended community gardens throughout Northwest Pasadena to help alleviate the often severe health issues stemming from obesity.

For more information, please contact Eileen White Read at PCGC, 626.683.9790; or email: [email protected].